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Photo Samples


Do try your best to get a professional headshot in appropriate attire.

Do make sure your shoulders are visible and that the shot extends to at least mid-chest.

Prabha Pratyaksa

Do ensure that you are the only person in the picture


Do make sure the image is 4"x6" (1200x1800) @ 300dpi


Do not use a selfie, as they provide an awkard perspective.

Also, use a neutral background. This background is very busy.


Do not use an existing group photo you're in

Notice how this individual is framed too closely (since the others in the photo had to be cropped out), we can barely see his shoulders, but we can still see someone else.


Do not crop your photo. Instead, send the full file. Our art department will crop to their needs.

This is a great professional headshot, but was cropped too narrow, thus making it harder to work with.